Who is ERM Performance Tuning and what do we do?
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Take some time to watch what is we offer here at ERM Performance Tuning. 
When it comes to real time training and tuning, we are your one stop virtual shop for all your needs.....Our one on one, interactive approach makes you the only student in the class. You don't even have to raise your hand to ask a question :-) We can converse and throw ideas around with you as if we were there by your side. That is exactly how we want to been seen by our customer base, a partner

Our Training Course will teach you all the details realtive to the PCM, its sensors, fuel system design, Injector selection, the different tuning strategies, how to compensate for large injectors and increased airflow by scaling, detailed discussions on Adaptive Idle for both Gen III and IV and much, much more 

Check out the newly updated Version 2.0 Tutorial Course Video sample to the left ......

Also below is a sample of some of our You Tube how to videos