About Us
How frustrating is it to buy a Tuning software tool and find out that it doesn't come with a users manual or even a quick start guide.....not one piece of paper (except an invoice copy), Just you, this cable and a software disc......
Here is where ERM Performance Tuning can begin to make your day a little bit better, Not only are we an authorized  HPTuners reseller, we will actually be "by your side" as you open the box and begin your tuning journey with our complimentary 30 min interactive support session.. No more searching through their websites, Google or the Forums for the startup/setup information. Believe me, it can be complicated and convoluted in the beginning and a bit scary.
We can take all that apprehension and frustration away and get you up and running in a matter of hours, even if you have never tuned before.

Edward Mowton,  founder of ERM Performance Tuning has served as collaborator and calibrator for one of the most prestigious performance shops on the East Coast, The Vette Doctors (VDP) located in Amityville, NY. Included in his tuning tasks then and which today includes remote tuning responsibilities, were countless support sessions at prominent tracks like Englishtown and Atco in NJ to dial in those performance upgrades. And don't let the name Vette Doctors fool you, they arent just Vettes...Many makes and models of modern and late model performance cars have received The Vette Doctors prescriptions including Camaro's, Chevelles, CTSV's, GTO's, G8's etc. 
"10 years or so ago I decided to give tuning a try because as an Electrical Engineer....it just seemed like the thing to do. Over these years I have developed a working knowledge of the engine sensors, what they do and how they effect performance and developed a tuning procedure that covers all aspects of a  vehicles performance. The results are a highly integrated tune package which starts, idles, cruises and roars to life during those wide open spirited runs all the while being tame enough for those parking lot sojourns. Along with these strategies comes a regimented approach to logging applicable parameters (PID's) to validate your changes and zero in on the best tune possible. I believe  the VCM Scanner and its capabilities is a critical prerequisite to developing well balanced tunes and believe many tuners just jump to the Editor and don't realize the disadvantages they are afacing right off the bat. Our training course dedicates alot of its time to provide the user with the necessary skills and understanding to allow them to develop root cause to an issue, correct it and know how to log the information to proof it it is fixed....much like my engineering days."
Besides providing what we believe is  a well rounded training curriculum, the way it is administered is what sets our approach above the rest. No more unanswered telephone calls or e-mails. No more posts on the Forums like ...just got HPTuners, what do I do next?...With our unique one on one interactive sessions, we are able to proctor, manage, assess, discuss and make recommendations in real time. We can walk you through the process as well as "what if's" to prove (or disprove) ideas and discussion points. Most of all, the depth of the training is commensurate with your specific needs and questions. This gurantees maximum learning success and precludes what I call "FORUM LAG" where questions are asked and not answered for several hours or even days. Not a very efficient way to move forward I would think!
Out next service provided is the actual Tuning and/or support. Interestingly,  our Tuning process utilizes the same one-on-one methodology ...we are there right beside you and see/feel what you see and feel while either taking control of the tuning process or assisting in your approach. This unique process can accompany you on the dyno. as well as the street (wifi hot spot keeps us cpnnected) to complete your tuning tasks. I don't know about you, but Forum tunes or e-Mail tunes while readily available, just don't have the real time feel that our sessions do. They are alot like playing chess through the mail or carrying on a conversation via carrier pidgeon....slow, somewhat confusing and very time consuming. ERM Performance Tuning has also just gone International with a new client in Europe to tune performance Corvettes and Trucks.
So if you are afraid to take the Tuning plunge or frustrated with your tuning efforts because you feel you need a better working understanding of the sensors and the tuning software, then ERM Performance Tuning is just what the doctor ordered.
Review the available training/tune programs in the Services section and let us know which program is right for you. If you don't see what you are looking for, give us a call or an email (WE WILL ANSWER THEM) and we can tailor a program just for you. 
Edward R Mowton
ERM Performance Tuning