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HP Tuners Credits at our everyday low price of $44.95 

HP Tuners Credits 5%  ERM Perforrmance Tuning Discount
PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR MPVI S/N  Quantity discounts available upon request

Now taking our Training Services on the road...let us train you and your friends, club, or shop right in the confines of your own community. No travel, hotel, food etc., just 2 days of pure Tuning and HP Tuners Suite learning. The larger the group the better...detailed Power Point presentations, one on one training, free copy of our Tutorial and even 2 hrs of complimentary interactive follow-up live on your computer for any questions or issues you have after we leave....where are you going to get such support????
Email  us your details (class size, location, available dates etc) and we will produce a custom proposal....imagine all this for less than $500 a persion.....Special discount price for groups larger than 10 and ask about deals on HP Tuners cable/software, credits widebands etc.

​​ Our  100+ Page Tuning Tutorial Course e-book is available for immediate download!!!!. .accompanies our formal training curriculum or stand alone...covers everything from EFI Tuning to HP Tuners Version 3.X Operation....tons of graphics and embedded video tutorial links to help you learn the step by step process of Tuning.  Only $99.95  with free upgrades for a year and a direct line to the author to answer questions or help with issues

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As a heads up, the Tuning Tutorial is getting a complete update to a structured Course with many added Modules and Video's...Once Version 2.0 is released, the price will unfortunately have to be increased to $199.95...still a great deal...but for all that order Version 1.3 before the release, they will receive the 2.0 Version as a part of their 1 year free update service at no additional charge!!!!!​​​​

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